The Thrash/Death Metal band DECEASE was formed in May of 2011 in the romanian city of Cluj-Napoca by the initiative of guitarist/vocalist Radu Vulpe and drummer George Alb.A few months later Radu's brother, Catalin Vulpe joined the band thus completing the formula.

Starting as a solid three piece line-up and powerfully influenced by the late '80 , early '90 thrash\death metal scene DECEASE shows no limitations with their writing ability and style, combining raw,fast,brutal drumming, aggressive but also dynamic and catchy riffage, crushingly powerfull bass lines with a strong grunting screaming voice.

In 2012 the band recorded their first musical spawn , entitled "Exhort To Obliterate" and signed a record deal with the extreme metal underground label, Hatework Records\Asociatia Culturala Manifest thus releasing it in february of 2013.

Many shows followed during this time and afterwards, playing almost everywhere in Romania and in August of 2013 they joined the "At the Gates of Sethu Part II" European Tour supporting NILE , playing through out Poland,Austria,Hungary and Czech Republic and sharing the stage with such bands as Vader,Hate,Ex Deo,Svart Crown,Trauma & Black Therapy.

In early 2014, the work on the second album was finished, thus between April and June the band was propelled in the studio once more, recording alongside Marius Costache in Bucharest.

"Age of The Covenant" was released in 1st November

Since 2012, Decease had played in more than 50 shows all around Romania, in 5 countries and on some notable festivals like Romanian Thrash Metal Fest, Rockstadt Extreme Fest sharing the stage with such bands as Sinister, Nile, Vader, Obituary, Sodom, Virus, Nargaroth, Krow, Violentor and many more

Discography :
"Boiling Hatred" Single (2012) Self Released
"Exhort To Obliterate" CD Full-Length (2013) – Hatework Records/ACM
"Age Of The Covenant" CD Full-Lenght (2014) – Hatework Records/ACM

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