10 sept. 2013

So, our tour with Nile has come to an end. It was truly a wonderful experience ,we've met a lot of cool people and seen many cool places.
First of all we would like to thank our label , Hatework/ACM for making this possible for us , all the great people from Massive Music, Darek, Marta, Oscar(thanks for our greatest sound so far! \m/),Rob, Francesco, Zoey and everyone else, all the bands we played with , Black Therapy, Trauma, Svart Crown, Ex Deo, the unstoppable VADER and of course the almighty NILE!
Last but not least we wanna thank all you guys who came to these shows and supported us ,banged your head and moshed with us! You all rule!!!
Hope to see you guys soon but until then here's a video from our show in Wroclaw.
Pics to be uploaded soon.

Keep supporting the underground extreme metal!

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